Myers Park Homes for Sale in Charlotte

A Video of Myers Park Homes Charlotte, NC

The Myers Park neighborhood was developed in the early 1900’s a mere five minutes from Uptown, but with Myers Parks noted address like these Myers Park homes for sale on Queens Road taking you in under its towering willow oaks,   you’ll never even notice the bustle of center city. The homes for sale in Myers Park, are set in a nest of harmony between uptown and the outward sprawl. Myers Park real estate listings can be found primarily in the Charlotte zip codes 28207, 28209, 28210, and 28211.

The most distinguished of Myers Park historical homes is the Duke Mansion. You can also visit Myers Park Country Club and its golf course here.

If you think you’d like to live close to uptown and you want to buy an old property and tear it down, then build again, you can do so. As a word of warning, the houses listed for sale in Myers Park take into account their prime location, and are not prone to cutting you a deal just because you want the lot. However, if you find that needle in the haystack, the easiest way to check with home renovations or tear down projects would be through zoning or by contacting the Myers Park Homeowners Association. Do so before committing yourself to a contract that has grandfathered zoning regulations into its property lines.

Once you identify specific homes for sale in Myers Park that you would like to take a look at, we can incorporate those into a nice tour that we provide to people as a way for them to get acquainted with the area and comfortable with our real estate market. It is relatively quick, insightful and from all past reviews-a very worthwhile and efficient use of time:)