Purchasing Real Estate and Hiring A Buyer’s Agent

In a tight market, you need to find the properties right as they hit the market. The best homes go fast and they go right to the folks that are working with a buyer’s agent.

As buyer’s agents, we will set up our software to make sure you see the best homes right as they come on the market, not after someone else has already scooped them up.

One of the coolest services we can offer you initially, will be to set up your own properties search web site and you can start selecting your favorites right away.

We’ll also help to educate you on current market conditions (and trends), advise you, inform you and represent you from the beginning to the end of the process.

As for the cost of buyer’s agency to home buyers, the fees paid to a buyer’s agent for representing your interests, are actually paid by the seller’s agent , not you.

If you are planning on buying a new home, the seller is the builder and they pay both the model home agent as well as the buyer’s agent when working with you.

You don’t save a thing representing yourself on a new home purchase, you will cause every one a lot of headaches along the way.

And, that in a nutshell, is why builder’s pay buyer agency fees. You become an educated buyer with a personal guide through the process, and the builder gets the greatest amount of exposure from agent’s working directly with buyers as they learn about the area and the process of buying a home.

A good buyer’s agent will know the ins and outs of the areas that you are considering, as well as which ones are the most popular selling neighborhoods within your market, as well as the which are the worst ones and why.

You are busy. As buyer’s agents, we will work to make efficient use of our time together. The main job of buyer agency is to protect the buyer and their interests in the course of a home purchase.

Having a buyer’s agent is so important in today’s tricky real estate market. Your home is probably the largest purchase most people will ever make and having a buyer’s agent on your side is the smartest thing you can do in a real estate transaction.

Getting a home of your own should require hiring a buyer’s agent, but it doesn’t.

A buyer’s agent can be counted on to represent you from start to finish.

Buyer’s agency is the practice of a real estate agent representing a buyer throughout the real estate transaction, rather than, by default, representing the seller. You would be shooting yourself in the foot not using a buyer’s agent on a home purchase.

The listing agent represents the seller and if you allow them to work both sides of the transaction you’ll make their day, but the only person well represented in situations like these is the seller.

A buyer’s agent sole focus is on the buyer and what’s in their buyer’s best interest. It typically costs you nothing and will likely save you money and definitely lead you through the whole process, start to finish-new or re-sale properties.

All Realtors work for the seller unless you hire them as a buyer’s agent. You should consider working with a buyer’s agent. Buyer’s agency was put in to play as a consumer protection for those buying real estate. The buyer’s agent is most typically paid for by the seller’s agent or by the builder. Not by you as the prospective home buyer.

Think about it, you can be fully represented usually at no cost because the seller pays the commission. A buyer’s agent will work with and for you from start to finish. Not having one will cost you headache, heartache and money. Why take those risks?

Like the listing agreement with sellers, buyers can be represented in a real estate transaction by a buyer’s agent and this is agent will still be paid by the seller or the builder, not by you. The buyer’s agency agreement should have a written, objective policy for who will handle conflicts of interest and the duties that a buyer’s agent owes to the buyer.

Although nothing in the books makes a buyer’s agent required for you, it makes sense that an agent should be working solely for you. Especially since in most instances you will not pay a fee for their services as your buyer’s agent will get the commission from the transaction anyway.

Many agents specialize in working with buyers and there is a benefit to that, particularly if you need the agent to look out for your best interest. Just like the listing agent, the buyer’s agent makes sure that all contingencies are met and the deal closes.

The buyer’s agent is typically paid for by the seller or the builder, as the job was created to protect consumers in a real estate transaction.

The old way of doing the real estate business was that the only one protected throughout the transaction was the seller.

Nowadays, a home buyer can get just as much protection, guidance and information on a property by simply hiring a buyer’s agent to serve them throughout the transaction.